An exploration of Siri Voice through the lens of sociomateriality and critical race theory

One nonverbal cue that can be expressed through Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) is vocal tone. Tone can have a measurable impact on user perceptions. As Nass and Brave note in their book, Wired For Speech (2005), voice can elicit powerful responses. Humans evolved to facilitate human-human conversation, which is based…

Writing from a senior IxD student’s perspective who has participated in the summer program in Taiwan Toucheng Farm, and did a UX design internship at Microsoft in her college years:

What would motivate college students to participate in a summer program?

1-on-1 time with experienced folks is key. Good mentorship programs provide students with opportunities to learn new knowledge and grow…

Xuan Song

UX designer@Microsoft| MS Human-Computer Design& Engineering at University of Washington

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